Birthday Parties at CCMRD

At the time of the reservation, the party fee and a refundable $100 check deposit is due. The deposit MUST be made two weeks before your event. A party reservation will not be held without payment. The renter will be billed for any damage incurred during use.
• All Pool Parties have 1 hour in the room and 1 hour in the pool.
• It is the policy of the CCMRD that alcoholic beverages and smoking are not permitted at the Recreation Center.
• Renter must sign pool party agreement.
• For Pool Parties: Children under 6 must be accompanied (within arms length) by an adult who is 16 years and older.
• 1 adult for every 2 children regarding the above age requirements. No exceptions.
• Children 6 and up must pass the swim test before they can swim unaccompanied.
• A child (children) may not be left unattended in the pool area until their 9th birthday.
• Renter agrees that the time reserved will be strictly adhered to. Guests are permitted in the party room for the 1-hour length of the rental agreement and also in the pool for the 1-hour length of the rental agreement. ALL GUESTS MUST LEAVE THE ROOM AND THE POOL AFTER THAT TIME. No early arrivals or late departures will be allowed in either the pool or the room.
• Renter understands that they and their guests must follow all posted rules for the facility andthe pool.
• Renter MUST provide adequate supervision for their party guests.
• Food and beverages must stay in the party room. Renter is the responsible party for any damage to the facility
arising from the event.
• Renter is responsible for cleaning up room after use.

To Register call or visit the Recreation Center

Pool Party
Includes one (1) hour of room time and
one (1) hour of pool time. Renter is
responsible for decorating and clean up.
1-10 Guests
District - $70.00 Non-District - $85.00

11 - 20 Guests
District - $110.00  Non-District - $135.00

After Hours Inflatables Party
Would you like to host an afterhours pool party? Let us know the date and time, and we’ll provide the
inflatables,mats and balls, and staff to ensure a fun event!!!
Saturday and Sundays, after hours only from 6-8pm. Up to 25 people for two (2) hours.
Ages: Ages 8 & up
Fee $200 (Includes room use)

Birthday Parties

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